Servicing and Monitoring

Your solar PV system has been designed and manufactured to generate free electricity – year on year – maybe for 20-years+. When you consider the conditions it has to withstand – extremes of summer heat and winter freezing cold, rain and shine; it's easy to understand that it may suffer and underperform or even breakdown completely. So it's a good idea to have it annually checked. Total Solar Care can provide a full audit of your system that will give peace of mind and could save you a lot in lost generated revenue.

Total Solar Care provides a full onsite inspection from a qualified technician who will not only look at the general condition of the installation, panels, cabling etc, but will also electrically test the continuity and output. Additional analysis will be completed using software which evaluates physical measured electrical output with a computer simulated modelling. A full auditable report will be prepared and any issues or breakdowns may be fixed. It's a complete documented solar system health check which could prove invaluable!

Evidence is emerging from Europe and North America of the potential for fire hazards associated, directly or indirectly, with renewable energy power generating systems, including photovoltaics. Fires involving these systems can present some unique challenges for the fire service, building occupiers and insurers.

Dedicated after-install support & maintenance

    All businesses need to ensure their equipment and resources are working safely and efficiently and annual checks are routine on many things from fire extinguishers to central heating... So, don't leave it to chance with your solar PV. It must work efficiently and safely all year round. Book a health check today on 01394 383573.

    We will look after your investment well into the future – with servicing, monitoring and annual maintenance support for your solar PV system. All work conforms to the highest industry standards.


    Our solar PV products have been tried and tested by ourselves. Our research and product appraisals are ongoing, paying close attention to performance, reliability, and above all, value for money.