Solar to suit your business…

Farm and Horticultural Businesses

Farmers are constantly under pressure to ensure profitability with their business and energy costs form a large part of their annual spend, especially if they are livestock or diary farms. The addition of solar PV on a spare piece of land or barn roof can be a great way to offset the yearly running expenses.

Total Solar Care provides a full onsite inspection from a qualified technician who will not only look at the general condition of the installation, panels, cabling etc, but will also electrically test the continuity and output. Additional analysis will be completed using software which evaluates physical measured electrical output with a computer simulated modelling. A full auditable report will be prepared and any issues or breakdowns may be fixed. It's a complete documented solar system health check which could prove invaluable!

High Energy Using Businesses

Food Processing Plants, Cold Stores, Industrial Businesses with large machinery – they all use a lot of electricity. Solar PV is the ideal fit for businesses like these. Large onsite electricity usage can be offset be solar generation and annual electricity bills cut drastically and the investment over time will pay financial dividends. Roof mounted PV systems may be installed in a few weeks and with minimal disruption to company business.

Community Buildings

Solar PV is a great choice for businesses and farmers alike, but a community solar PV project brings benefits with a far broader reach. Schools benefit from the onsite generation of solar electricity, but it also serves to educate pupils about future energy production, and the same goes for Community Centres and other public sites. Community solar is proving very popular and many new-build developments are being encouraged to include not only solar PV, but also other technologies to improve their green credentials.

We will look after your investment well into the future – with servicing, monitoring and annual maintenance support for your solar PV system. All work conforms to the highest industry standards.


Our solar PV products have been tried and tested by ourselves. Our research and product appraisals are ongoing, paying close attention to performance, reliability, and above all, value for money.